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SBS refers to a rubber additive that improves the waterproofing characteristics of torch-on roofing materials. Torch application fuses layers of SBS membranes together to create the roof system. Our employees are trained to ensure each roof is installed to manufacturer specifications and will last long term in our West Coast environment. Contact us for flat roof repair work or new installation service.

Laminate/Asphalt sloped roof

There is a wide variety of shingles on the market ranging from inexpensive (lower quality) to the better quality options we prefer to work with. 

We feel it is best to contact us and discuss your North Shore roofing needs. We’ll recommend the best type of shingles to use according to your budget and plans. In many cases the better quality materials are the best choice for lots of reasons. Call today to find out more about asphalt roofing installation.

Cedar shakes & Restoration

Cedar shake roofs last up to 50 years and require minimal maintenance. If an individual shake happens to split, fall off or come loose at some point, it can be replaced. There is no need to re-do an entire section of the roof when that happens. If a cedar roof is needed, we recommend that an experienced contractor do the work. 

Drainage & waterproofing

Drainage systems on any building (residential and commercial) have to effectively move water. Drainage starts at the roof, moves to gutters and downspouts, then on into the perimeter drains, ending up in storm sewers.

We specialize in correcting water flow issues, fixing gutter systems and sewer pipe when needed. 

Roof line extension

If you want to extend a roof for any reason, we have the answer. Years of experience in roof line extensions makes us the right team for work like this. 

Interior & exterior renovations

Renovations happen a lot with roofing work, especially when roof extesions are in the plans. We act as general contractor when needed, taking care of things and making life easier for you. 

Once your plans are laid out we handle it from there. Whether we lift the roof, add a porch or insert a sun roof, we have an extensive network of trades people to call on. Contact us with what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

Honest Reviews

Amex has done multiple jobs for me and because of that Sean has become a close friend of mine. Quality work and fair pricing.

Henrik Purcy – Home owner

I am so glad I went with these guys; the owner was there all the time to answer my questions. Sean’s workers were friendly, professional and pleasant.

Felicia Mulberry – Homeowner