If the roofs are not properly taken care of or looked after, then it becomes tough for them to face winters, even for the solid and durable roof to stand during the winter because each roof can be damaged by weather, to protect your home’s roof throughout the year, you can see the below enlisted winter roof maintenance tips by us:

1. Removal of Snow Fall

Snow that appears to look heavier can be a burden for your house to bear just by a few inches. If it is not looked after for long, then the snow can cause severe damage to the roof. It will be a good idea to remove the snow immediately after the snowfall.

2. Look out for the Ice

Ice dams can become dangerous for any roof, so despite the snow, you also need to beware of ice because it can be heavy, too. It can result in leakages and shingles as the temperature during winter drops down very fast, causing the water droppings to get stuck in your guttering and freeze.

3. Fixing Up your Flashing

Flashing should not be forgotten if you are concerned about your roof care. Broken flashing can allow snow and ice to enter your roof, causing inevitable leaks in your house. To have minimal chances of roof damage, you need to check out for the flashing or any leaks caused by it.

4. Check your Gutters

The problems can be seen with ice and snow firstly in your gutters; you need to check them regularly for any ice dams or any icicles hanging along with your gutters because they might need clearing then.

Your gutters can become weak if the ice is left over for a long time and become heavier to bear as per their weight.

5. Take Wind Damage Seriously

In the winter season, heavy storms and winds are the most common thing, along with snow and ice, so the damage from wind should not be neglected. You need to look for any damages in case of heavy winds. Check out for gutters and broken shingles because they can become a severe leakage spot if left unchecked.

6. Look for your Roof Space

Your roof space creates a link with your roof, so if you haven’t gone there to see any leakage signs for a long time, then there is a chance for certain damages on the top. Your roof space needs to be checked for ventilation and insulation because two of these factors can cause severe issues if left over for an extended period.

7. Clearing Up Debris

Your roofs can have a lot of debris that can come down with the wind, creating a blockage in gutters, so they need to be free of stones, leaves, pines, and needles. All the debris should be wiped off to avoid any damages caused by wind or snow in winter.

Are You Looking To Inspect or Fix Your Roof Before the Winter?

Amex Roofing allows outstanding inspections for your roof to maintain it well before the winter and make it all set and ready to face ice and snow along with gusty winds if taken care of the roof properly because roof maintenance with Amex Roofing can leave your roof durable for the season and allows them to standby all over the season.

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