When the winter season is off and the warm sunny days are around the corner, it is considered an ideal time to inspect your roofing systems and perform all the necessary roof maintenance tasks, as your roof takes everything on itself during the whole winter season and keeps you and your family warm and dry by facing the harsh weather.

For every upcoming season, there is a checklist for proper roof maintenance. In case of any problem, homeowners can go for roofing services on time and save their roofing systems immediately.

Checklist For Spring Cleaning & Roof Maintenance

There is a properly designed checklist by which you can have a proper maintenance check for your roof.

✔ Inspecting Your Attic

Inspecting your attic with a proper flashlight is a crucial step to look out for the vents to see if they are still in their place. By this, you can also check for any sign of wetness on the underside of the roof because the clear proof of leakage can be visible.

You need to contact your local North Vancouver roofing contractor for further inspection, and he will look at your roof for any mold or moisture content. He will guide you further for having a roof repair service or a complete roofing replacement.

✔ Looking At Your Roof Shingles

The harsh winter weather might have left the snow on your roof shingles, and as a result, your shingles can forcefully become separate, curl, or completely tear off. These damaged shingles need to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent your house from water deterioration, and only an expert North Vancouver Roofers can perform their job accurately for your roofing system with minor or significant repairs.

✔ Roof Cleanup

Your roof might contain a lot of debris and dirt, so it becomes essential to clean it and clear away all the branches, leaves, twigs, and other items that can scratch your rooftop and make it susceptible to water damage. Our professional roofing contractors can do the job for you efficiently.

✔ Cleaning your Gutters

It would be best to look out for clogging of leaves, twigs, and seeds in your gutter lines, and do not flash them out with water. You can carefully pick them out and clean your gutters. Similarly, rainwater can let your gutters overflow the water from it and block the systems. Any debris might fall into the gutters and get stuck, causing water overflow and making shingles thinner due to moisture content. Cleaning of gutters is a crucial and time-consuming step.

✔ Chimney and Flashing

Flashing can easily flow away from your roof or the chimney, creating small holes allowing the entrance of bugs and water towards it. This may require minor and easy fixing done by our North Vancouver roofers.

✔ Trimming of Trees

A large amount of trees hanging over your roof can be a problem for your roof as the trees lose leaves that can fall and get stuck into the gutters. Also, the weak stems of trees can fall onto your roof during stormy weather, so it will be better to trim your trees and avoid structural damage.

✔ Washing off Molds and Mildew

The discolored streaks on your roof can be an alerting sign for the growth of molds, mildew, and even algae, so it is better to look at them before they damage your roof, as this can result in the cracking of your roof shingles.

Contact North Vancouver Roofing Contractors

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